DTM Under Construction

DTM Under Construction

Designer Toy Market is currently Under Construction, with help from Vera Butler Design and other toymaker friends, and so we are going to let you in to see the process along the way. Follow us on IG/FB and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Our soft launch for the site is July 26th same time as DKECON / SDCC. This soft launch will also be a fund raiser to help us fund the making of the site, and it’s your chance to be involved because we will have toys available for purchase from these amazing and supportive artists:

Here is a peek into our journal on how things have progressed so far:

  • Recently worked out our Color Palette for the site. Website design and coding is underway with the help of @verabutlerdesign so much more coming soon… We will be documenting the whole process of building the site and you can Follow along on IG @designertoymarket and FB @designertoymarket to see our progress through it all.

Create a palette – Coolors

  • I’ve been working on layout and design elements for the last few weeks… and I really love the direction it’s headed! Please excuse the mockups, real pics of real product will be coming soon. I’ve been building the site in WordPress using Elementor for the first time ever… and there’s a slight learning curve. Webmaster Vera has been doing most of the back end work making my designs actually function, and guiding me along the way! I’d still be scrambling if it wasn’t for her help! Thanks Vera!! #buildinganempire!


screen capture off my phone

  • Getting features to work properly across the site is sometimes hair-pulling and frustrating! There’s so many details that you don’t think about until you’re in there building the mock ups! And making sure the color palette carries across multiple pages and looks right is tough… I want certain things to show up on the page, but haven’t figured how to do that just yet… Then somethings are there but their colors are off so it’s not very visible… gotta figure out where those settings are, figure out what short-codes to implement, and make the changes. Argh #devproblems!

  • Got the Newsletter working! I think… So even though the site isn’t finished you can now scroll to the bottom and go ahead and join our mailing list and be informed of updates once the site soft launche… Do it and all your dreams will come true!

  • Sooo many small details to consider while building this site from the ground up, so much of it you can’t even see it doing what it does on the site cause it’s part of the machinery that makes the site tick. Every little thing has to be thought out and considered and it can get overwhelming sometimes… but little bit by bit it is getting done! Every little addition to the overall features of this site, is yet another learning experience… Thankfully youtube has tons of tutorials lol.

  • There not much uploaded right now, but I started the DTM Youtube Channel for the Designer Toy Market website today… And I uploaded a preview of the toys that will be available during the July 26th soft launch, so go check it out and plan which toys you wanna pick up! The site is still under construction as we speak, but we are gearing up for this soft launch event because we really need to raise some funds to help finish building the site… This site is going to be amazing! It’s going to be like a big indie toy distro that allows toymakers everywhere to log on and upload their own products and gives collectors one place to go instead of constantly trying to keep up with instagram posting… if you are a toymaker interested in joining us hit us up on IG!

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