Man Or Monster? Studios: Warlords of Wor’s Valkyrie


Designed by Brandon Barker of ManOrMonster? Studios and sculpted by Simon Grell and David A. White, each Valkyrie prototype kit contains 16 pieces, stands 3″ when assembled, and was 3D printed in durable HERO resin. Limited to 5 sets worldwide.

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Warlords of Wor’s Valkyrie, resin prototype kit. This is a 3D printed resin model of Warlords of Wor’s latest action figure design. Valkyrie will soon be produced in high quality PVC to stand alongside Clawbber, Bog-Nar, and the rest of the Warlords of Wor and Battle Tribes family of toys. She’ll be available as part of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will also see re-releases of classic and long sold-out Warlords of Wor favorites… a great opportunity to pick up something you missed early on, or start your collection fresh with the main cast of heroes and villains created so far. This kit contains the 16 pieces you’ll need to build a 3″ model of Valkyrie. Not sold as a playable toy, you’ll need to break out the glue and paints because there is… assembly required. Limited to just 5 sets, this a truly unique piece of Warlords of Wor memorabilia, and as the first female figure in the Battle Tribes family, a great piece of Warlords of Wor & Battle Tribes history. For more information about the Valkyrie Kickstarter, stay tuned to the Instagram page @warlordsofwor, Follow Warlords of Wor on Facebook, or join the Facebook group, Warlords of Wor: The Official Fan Club.

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