Remakes Plethora: Scream Queens


Limited to only four pieces, this extremely exclusive GREEN SCREEN colorway combines the best of sex and horror. These are the SCREAM QUEENS.  Standing 6” tall these toys made by remakes plethora are part of larger toy line, but you will only find this exclusive colorway here.

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I have been a Mark for Marx toys since I was a kid and had the Disney line of Marx toys. The solid plastic construction and solid bold colors have always stood out in my mind. A little later on in my art career and toy collecting I stumbled across the whole line of Marx figures. As a huge horror fan I gravitate toward the universal monsters set, and saw the campus cuties line in process. A few years later I decided to revisit the Marx figures when I found a single campus cuties figures at an antique store.

I knew I wanted to make a line of these toys when I discovered the wonderful world of Mexican bootleg Marx toys, I purchased a huge run of these figures and set to work. As a horror guy, my usual genre (if it isn’t political commentary), I knew I wanted to combine the sex appeal of these figures with a horror element, knowing the golden age and universal monsters had already been tackled by Marx, I wanted to hit my love of the slashers era. To keep the sex appeal I knew a head swap would be my focus. I cast the heads of a few neca figures including the Toony terrors line, these would be my slasher heads. Now it was just a matter of arrange, glue, paint, and package. Easy peasy. Lastly the name for the figure line came easy, horror, slasher movies, and the final girls, Scream Queens it is.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.5 × 3.5 in

Michael Myers, Freddie, Leather Face, Jason