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*Assembly Required is the premiere Southeast destination for designer, bootleg and art toys! This year it’s all going VIRTUAL, February 6-7, 2021 from 1pm to 9pm (EST) with Virtually Assembled: An *Assembly Required Experience. This two day on-line designer toy event will include interviews with artists, studio tours, artist exclusives, surprises from Toybox, America’s Favorite Cartoon Witch, and much, much more!In fact check out all these artists and events:



JOKERJOKERtv presents: A Virtually Assembled Marathon!!! To get ready for our special LONG WEEKEND event this weekend we are taking a look back at all the episodes that included previews, interviews, and segments spotlighting the upcoming “Virtually Assembled: An Assembly Required Experience”. If you missed it watch it here:

The Fantastic Plastics interviewed: Matt Casale the creator of Asembly Required Designer Toy Expo, Chicken Burger Disco, and Toybox America’s Favorite Cartoon Witch on their twitch channel (EST) here: https://www.twitch.tv/fantasticplastics​

JOKERJOKERtv airs every Thursday 6:30​p EST and this week they are featuring more interviews with toys artists and founders of the Virtually Assembled livestream event Jason Kinsey from Figure FETTish, Mux Blank from Mr Blank Toys, and Assembly Required founder Matt Casale, plus Toybox America’s Favorite Cartoon Witch will be making an appearance as well. More info can be found at the JJtv website http://www.jokerjokertv.com​ or you can go straight to the JJtv Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/JOKERJOKERtvofficial

The Fantastic Plastics will host a special “Virtually Assembled Kick-off Party” on Friday night starting at 9pm on twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/fantasticplastics​

Join us for “Virtually Assembled: An Assembly Required Experience” from 1pm to 9pm (EST) both days… yup thats 8hr full hours of toys, toys, toys and more toys!!! Follow along on our livestream, but also make time to check out the Zoom-streams from the Artist’s themselves! More info, schedules, and links here: https://assembly-required.net/

All Virtually Assembled Exclusives will be hosted here on Designer Toy Market! All items will go live on Saturday Feb 6th at 1pm (EST). In the meantime check out the Gallery:


Morgan’s Comics
Asheville FM
Appalachian Pinball Museum
Designer Toy Market
Toybox Theatre
Resin Underworld

Chicken Burger Disco

Matt Casale
Jason Kinsey
Mux Blank
Toybox Theatre

Thank you to all the toymakers and collectors that make this event possible. With molding, and production techniques, designer toy artists echo the production methods of traditional toy manufacturers. Refining inspiration from a variety of underground and subcultural elements, *Assembly Required honors this true to form, turn of the century avant-garde/pop surrealistic art movement. 2021 will be *Assembly Required’s third year celebrating this melting pot of artistic expression. Get more info at http://www.assembly-required.net