What Is Designer Toy Market

What Is Designer Toy Market

Designer Toy Market is a portal for designer bootleg urban art toy collectors and the indie makers that we all love!

DTM was designed to give Collectors easy access to discovering cool new toys and be in-the-know about artists making waves in the underground. Now you don’t have to lament, wishing you could find the next “big thing” at some now canceled convention. Instead, Collectors can simply join our community for access to the largest collection of indie toy artists in one place.

This site connects Collectors directly with the artist through a community driven self-distribution portal, build specifically to assist indie toymakers in marketing their creations directly to those thirsty for more!

Features for COLLECTORS

While conventions may be out of the question for awhile due to coronavirus, many collectors now have nowhere to go browse and discover cool new toys and artists like you would at your favorite convention or event. We know how much Collectors love finding that diamond-in-the-rough type of artist so they can say they discovered them before they were famous. Features for collectors include:

  • Browse your favorites and easily discover new artist and collaborations
  • Easily share your favorites on social media
  • Manage your own account details with your own collector Dashboard
  • Create your own wishlist, and with a simple click add them to your cart when you are ready
  • Contact toymakers directly with our built-in direct message system
  • Be notified of special discounts and coupons
  • Tell us about your likes/wants and stay informed about the types of toys you collect

Features for toy Brands

On top of all the features for collectors we have a number of features built right in to our site for makers including:

  • Collective style “self-distribution portal” with tons of automated features that help you reach a larger audience
  • Collective advertising and visibility
  • Community that continues to be built as you participate
  • Set up your own FREE webstore, with small processing fees only when an item sells
  • Vendor Only area to foster collaboration and skill share
  • Automated “Press Release” style blogging system so you can post your own promotional blogs right on the site
  • Full control over your own distribution
  • Upload your own pictures and descriptions, decide on your own pricing and shipping
  • Unlike big vendor sites and distributors where artists get lost in the shuffle, we are focused on helping the individual artists in our focused niche marketplace
  • No RESELLERS… Artist shops only!
  • Once conventions are back in full swing, we are working out special opportunities for the artists in our community

Who am I and why am I building this site?

My name is Mux Blank and well I’m just a weirdo artist, musician, performer, designer, self-promoter… and if you twist my arm I’m a website and video game coder/developer too. I’m also an artist perpetually struggling to build an audience and always feeling like I can’t catch a break. Throughout the years, many of my goals in life have revolved around trying to fill a need in the community. Mostly of course, for my own art career or promotional needs… But because I needed it, I knew there were bound to be other artists and makers like me who needed these services as well. More recently I’ve observed a need for a way to bring indie toy artists together and make it easy for collectors to find them and their creations… especially now in these post-coronavirus times that we are still trying to navigate.

So nearly two years ago, I started working on my idea for this website. I reached out to other toymakers close to me and got tons of inspiration and input before getting to work coding the site. Unfortunately after about a year of planning and implimenting I hit a brick wall in coding and needed to bring in some expertise to help me finalize these ideas. I asked Vera Butler Design to join the team and things have really started to come together now.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Comment below!

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